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So many eBooks are written by third parties often without sufficient research, which can lead to confusing or inaccurate information. The present two guides are based on personal experiences and are written in simple language.

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Automotive Restorers Guide

The Automotive Restorers Guide is a valuable time and money-saving restoration guide written for enthusiasts and professionals. This comprehensive guide lists quality repair and automotive restoration services for parts on motorcycles, veteran, vintage, classic and custom cars, along with quality suppliers.

A discounted worldwide courier service enables the guide to be used globally.

Just some of the specialist services listed are:

  • Acid Cleaning of Engine Blocks, Body Shells
  • Axle and Differential Rebuilding
  • Auto locksmith
  • Battery specialist
  • Brake Caliper Rebuilding
  • Carburettor Repair and Rebuilding
  • Cast Iron Welding and Rebuilding
  • Chemical Brightening
  • Coloured Anodising
  • Chrome Plating onto Aluminium
  • Chrome Plating Specialist
  • Custom Exhaust  Builders
  • Classic Radio Repairs
  • Crankshaft straightening
  • Cylinder Head Repair
  • Engine Bearing Manufacture
  • Hard Chroming
  • Instrument and Gauge Repairs
  • Laser Welding
  • Plus lots more…



    A paperback book is available for £5.97 + shipping

    Save Funeral Costs

    Save Funeral Costs™ is as a one-stop shop to help educate the reader how to organise a low-cost funeral and lists low-cost undertakers for a fully dignified funeral. Savings of around 50% compared to many UK undertakers.

    The book includes advice and contact details of:

    • Low-cost undertakers
    • Coffin suppliers
    • Free Government financial help  
    • Charity financial help
    • Terminal illness benefits 
    • Funeral wake ideas
    • Spokesperson for the service
    • Advice on death certificates
    • Advice on will writing
    • Disbursement costs 
    • Low-cost probate services
    • Home burial & natural burials
    • Lower cost funeral plans
    • Grave digging service



    A paperback book is available for £4.47 + shipping

    Save Funeral Costs Ebook



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